Our Mission

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We develop, manufacture, market, sell and service Fixed Base Flight Simulators, replicating generic twin engine jet aircraft and type specific Airbus A320 family aircraft.

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We offer durable, high quality simulators at fair price levels for the professional flight training industry at fidelity levels up to EASA FTD2 - FAA level 6. Our solutions are geared towards maximizing ROI for customers.

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Our training solutions combine fidelity, ergonomic and intelligent design, easy deployment and maintenance at low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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We offer devices that provide both pilot and instructor an incomparable and highly efficient training experience.


Our Vision

Evolution of task and type specific pilot training programs is vital in enhancing industry safety to an even higher level. The market, more than ever, dictates cost efficiency as an important driver for continuity. At a fraction of the cost of a FFS, our  FTDs are the platform of choice for creditable and non-creditable pilot training.


When founding the company, we involved partners with a proven track record in the flight simulator- and pilot training industry. Aviatify partners have a solid and complimentary match, and consequently joined forces to deliver a high-quality product.


A first-rate Flight Training Device considers work and workflow that is associated with efficient instruction and student evaluation. This user-perspective  approach enabled us to develop a device that is distinctive in many details, resulting in an ergonomic, comfortable, pleasant and inspiring training environment.


It is evident that Flight Training Devices are critical instruments in Business Continuity Management. Owners, operators and users of FTDs require trouble-free, easy and comfortable hour-productivity, low down-time and low maintenance at unmatched TCO. Ultimately, decision makers in the industry seek maximum ROI throughout the life cycle of the Simulator.

These beliefs are the foundation of what we do:
Offer a high quality, immersive, pleasant and inspiring flight training environment at a reasonable price.

Built with passion and proficiency by expert partners.

Much attention is given to finding synergy amongst partners with whom we work. This way, we are able to achieve things that are greater than the sum of its parts. Aviatify partners share a passion for the industry in which we work. They bring complementary legacy, experience and a professional background that has enabled us to develop great products that will enhance your productivity in flight training. Let us prove it to you!



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