Business Analyses

Acquiring an FTD is not just a financial decision. In most cases it has a strategic impact on the organisation, the business model, growth path etc.

We do not just sell FTDs: in close consultation with our customers, we help in drafting a road-map that leads to fulfillment of company ambitions and determine how Aviatify can contribute thereto.

It is our belief that, when companies make strategic decisions, anticipated Return On Investment (ROI) should be a focal business driver. Any which way you look at it, there are always economical drivers that determine direction. And of-course, that makes sense. Continuity depends on having a healthy business model that potentially provides long term positive results.

Aviatify is particularly sharp in facilitating business continuity for owners of our training devices. We substantiate this by providing durable robust products and a time- and solution conscious service apparatus. We visualize Total Cost of Ownership for the customer and will analyze all (other) contributing elements that lead to calculation of a reliable ROI. This, in turn, will support companies in acquiring the right device for the right reasons and of course, for the right price.

Our success is measured by the
level of confidence the customer has in Aviatify
as long-term solution provider for flight training needs.


Depending on financial capabilities and/or preferences, customers may consider a lease construction when adding an Aviatify FTD to their inventory. Aviatify offers both financial lease or operational lease.

With our network in the industry, we can assist Aviatify customers in finding the proper financing partner. By eliminating the need for substantial cash-out during acquisition, inclusion of an FTD may very well boost your business against a healthy ROI.

Exploration of possibilities starts with a call or an email. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Qualification Support

Aviatify manufactures Fixed Base Flight Simulators at different fidelity levels. Our products range from Generic Twin Engine (single isle) Jet including Multi Crew Coordination capabilities leading to EASA MCC- FAA level 5 FTD to Type Specific Airbus A320 at EASA fidelity levels FTD 1 and FTD 2 or FAA level 6 FTD.

Customer acceptance and installment of the simulator on site will be defined in the delivery road map. Qualification of the device is done by an Aviation Authority applicable for the operational location of the simulator.

This procedure includes subjective testing, completion of ATA-chapter specific tests (ATMs) and also entails successful completion of a series of objective QTGs (Qualification Test Guides). Aviatify specialists will provide active support throughout the qualification process.

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Continuity Services

As part of our commitment to ensure trouble free exploitation of Aviatify pilot training devices, we offer business continuity services packages that are tailored around customer requirements.

When evaluating optimal service levels, we consider fidelity level of the simulator, anticipated occupancy rate, redundancy, risk of harm, location and accessibility, qualification of staff etc.

Depending on required service levels, we offer packages with variable response times and specific Maintenance, Support & Update (MSU) elements, onsite spare part packages and an up to a 24*7 support window. Although this concept includes no less than 7 ‘standard’ packages, we will tailor MSU requirements to fit the customer specific operation.

Through this approach we can guarantee that Aviatify services match customer’s needs and that owners never pay for services that are economically not viable.

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